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Applied Differential Equations: An Introduction

Applied Differential Equations: An Introduction

Vladimir A. Dobrushkin


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 "Applied Differential Equations: An Introduction" presents a contemporary treatment of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and an introduction to partial differential equations (PDEs), including their applications in engineering and the sciences. Designed for a two-semester undergraduate course, the text offers a true alternative to books published for past generations of students. It enables students majoring in a range of fields to obtain a solid foundation in differential equations.

The text covers traditional material, along with novel approaches to mathematical modeling that harness the capabilities of numerical algorithms and popular computer software packages. It contains practical techniques for solving the equations as well as corresponding codes for numerical solvers. Many examples and exercises help students master effective solution techniques, including reliable numerical approximations.

This book describes differential equations in the context of applications and presents the main techniques needed for modeling and systems analysis. It teaches students how to formulate a mathematical model, solve differential equations analytically and numerically, analyze them qualitatively, and interpret the results.  The book also serves to give the reader a practical introduction to Maple and other computer algebra systems.

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Language: English
ISBN: 978-1439851043
Publisher: CRC Press - Taylor and Francis Group

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