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Facing a tough technical problem and don’t have the skills in-house to solve it?

Are your engineers already overloaded, but the project still needs to get done?

Do you want the benefits of virtual prototyping, but aren’t sure where to start?

Need to reconcile conflicting requirements by analyzing and optimizing your design at the system level?

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions provide you with the expertise and technology you need to meet your project requirements quickly and effectively.  When you are looking for more than just great products, Maplesoft experts are available to help you solve your engineering design problems.  Offering expertise in a variety of engineering fields, extensive experience in model-based design, and the superior system-level modeling and analysis tools MapleSim and Maple, Maplesoft can help you reduce development risk and bring high-quality products to market faster.

“Maplesoft’s products and expertise have proven to be very valuable in helping us to develop the required insight into our machine designs. We have been able to address issues long before we invest in the first build, significantly reducing our development costs already”

Willem Fourie, Development Manager, FLSmidth

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To learn more about Maplesoft and what our products and technology can do for you, take advantage of our recorded webinars conducted by Maplesoft experts.

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions:
Helping You Solve Challenging Engineering Problems

Past Projects

We specialize in the modeling, simulation, and optimization of complex multidomain systems.  We have worked on numerous projects from a variety of domains, such as electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, ground transportation, space systems, batteries, mining, manufacturing, and much more.

Past projects include:

  • Robotic arm for drilling in mines
  • Motion platform for driving simulators
  • Torsional vibration analysis tool for marine drivelines
  • Batteries for hybrid-electric vehicles
  • Batteries for consumer electronics
  • Package manufacturing machine
  • Electric vehicle powertrain
  • Radar gimbal actuation
  • Dialysis machines
  • Electro-mechanical personal care products
  • Test platform for planetary exploration rover

Product Design Validation and Optimization

Using high-fidelity system-level modeling and simulation, the Engineering Solutions team can help you determine how your design will behave by creating a “virtual” prototype of your system. In this way, it is possible to validate your design against specifications and correct any flaws long before investing in a physical prototype, saving significant time and money.

Maplesoft experts can also help you investigate ways to further improve your design. Because our tools provide access to the underlying equations that represent the physical behavior of your design, we can develop customized parametric analysis tools even for complex, multidomain systems. These tools will give your engineers significant insight into the effect of parameter changes on the overall system, enabling them to optimize their design. We can also perform automated parameter sweeps, Monte Carlo analysis, sensitivity studies, design of experiments, and multi-objective optimization, so that you can improve your products and feel confident in your design choices.

  • Multidomain model development
  • Physics-based system-level simulations
  • Advanced analysis and optimization

Optimized Model Code for In-the-Loop Testing 

Whether you are working on hardware-, software- or operator-in-the-loop applications, it is critical that your system models run on a real-time platform within the simulation time step. The symbolic model formulation and optimized code generation techniques used by the Engineering Solutions team guarantees you the fastest possible execution time for your model. However, with large systems, even the fastest possible time may not be fast enough. When that happens, our team has extensive experience in rigorous model reduction and code optimization techniques that maximize fidelity within the constraints of working on a real-time platform.

  • Lossless model simplification
  • Code optimization
  • Model reduction with maximal fidelity
  • Model generation for a large variety of target platforms

Analysis and Design Calculation Tools 

Many projects require the creation of specialized analysis and calculation tools to support informed decision making, such as tools for vibration analysis and attenuation, thermal analysis, and component sizing, among many others. The Engineering Solutions team can develop powerful analytical tools to provide your team with the answers they will need for years to come. Depending on your needs, these tools can be specialized applications intended for use by experts or easy-to-use turnkey solutions suitable for wider deployment throughout your organization.

  • Powerful analysis capabilities
  • Intuitive interfaces
  • Meaningful presentation of results, including visualizations
  • Multiple deployment options

Model Predictive Control

Model predictive control is an advanced technique used to represent the behavior of complex systems. However, this very complexity is what makes it challenging to create a model of the system that is of sufficient fidelity to accurately reflect the behavior but still efficient enough to run within stringent time and size constraints of the controller code. The symbolic model formulation and optimized code generation techniques used by the Engineering Solutions team guarantee you the fastest possible execution time for your model. When that isn’t fast enough, our team has extensive experience in rigorous model reduction and simplification techniques that maximize fidelity while staying within the constraints of the controller.

  • Lossless model simplification
  • Lossless order reduction of DAEs
  • Model reduction specifically for model-predictive control applications


There is no substitute for your engineers spending time with a seasoned expert in the use of any software tool to maximize productivity, competence, and confidence in the tool. If you choose to purchase Maplesoft products for use by your own engineers, we have training to help them become productive quickly. We offer standard 3-day courses for MapleSim and Maple that can be customized to suit your specific needs, and other topics can be arranged.

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions experts can help you with your design projects.