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Maple for Environmental Sciences: A Helping Hand

Maple for Environmental Sciences: A Helping Hand

Bill Scott


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The mathematical concepts of abstract algebra may indeed be considered abstract, but its utility is quite concrete and continues to grow in importance. Unfortunately, the practical application of abstract algebra typically involves extensive and cumbersome calculations-often frustrating even the most dedicated attempts to appreciate and employ its intricacies. Now, however, sophisticated mathematical software packages help obviate the need for heavy number-crunching and make fields dependent on the algebra more interesting-and more accessible.Applications of Abstract Algebra with Maple opens the door to cryptography, coding, Polya counting theory, and the many other areas dependent on abstract algebra. The authors have carefully integrated Maple V throughout the text, enabling readers to see realistic examples of the topics discussed without struggling with the computations. But the book stands well on its own if the reader does not have access to the software.The text includes a first
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Language: English
ISBN: 3-540-65826-2
Publisher: Springer

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