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WWW Living-Book of Physical Chemistry (CD-ROM version)

WWW Living-Book of Physical Chemistry (CD-ROM version)

M. Scarlete


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Maple-assisted physical chemistry may be dealt with either as a means to teach, learn and understand, or as a tool to explore quantitative aspects of chemistry. It is addressed to chemists who want to focus on chemistry and leave mathematics to a "slave" computer algebra-system. Designed mainly for undergraduate curriculum, the practically complete removal of mathematical constraints allowed treatment of so-called "advanced" topics: Examples are provided for kinetic systems - from 1st order reactions to oregonator, quantum chemistry - from quantum numbers to molecular modeling, spectroscopy - from symmetry to IR/RAMANspectra, statistical thermodynamics - from vibrational spectra to equilibrium constants, aso. Could be used as stand-alone or to accompany physical chemistry text books, such as Atkins or Alberty. This set of problems is currently in use in about 20 universities in US, Canada and UK.

Online presentation at: http://cyniska.ubishops.ca/0002933 and http://www.ubishops.

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Language: English
ISBN: 0-920-91711-9
Publisher: Bishops University

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