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Maple 9.5 Maple 9.5
Released: 2004

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Summary of features introduced in Maple 9.5

World Class Symbolics, Rock Solid Numerics
Optimization Package Researchers can solve constrained optimization problems in engineering and business. Comes with a task assistant.
Differential-Algebraic Equation Solver DAEs arise in the modeling of many complex physical systems
Improved ODE and PDE Solvers, Including Piecewise ODEs and Traveling Wave Solutions Users can solve even more complicated systems.
Logic Package

Smarter Solving of Inequalities

More tools for research mathematics
Knowledge Capture and Deployment
Math Dictionary Users can enrich their technical reports with hyperlinked definitions of technical terms.
Task Assistants Menu Users can more quickly accomplish common tasks like analyzing ODEs, solving optimization problems, building matrices and more, using the Tools menu.
Enhanced Plot Builder Without knowing any plot commands or syntax, users can create animations and interactive plots with slider bars and animations.
Real-Time Scaling and Panning of Graphics Users can extract more information out of a plot without creating new plots or redrawing it with different parameters.
Dockable Palettes Users can enter expressions syntax-free without having the palettes clutter and obscure their workspace.
New Student Package for Multivariate Calculus, Including Interactive Tutors Teachers of multivariate calculus can more easily and effectively teach their subject.
Enhanced Student Package for Precalculus Teachers of precalculus can more easily and effectively teach their subject
Tutors Menu Interactive tutors from all the student packages are easily accessible from the Tools menu.

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