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Maple 11 Maple 11
Released: 2007

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Summary of features introduced in Maple 11

Smart Documents
Self-documenting context menus Automatically create a record of your actions while you solve your problem
2-D Plotting 2-D math can appear in titles, labels, legends, and tickmarks. Extensive plot annotation features allow sketching, adding text, and drawing of lines, arrows, and shapes on plots using the new drawing canvas tools.
Customizable Favorites palette Allows you to group your frequently used expressions, symbols, and other palette selections in one convenient location
Back-Solver assistant Allows you to instantly solve for any variable in your formula, given the values of the other parameters. You can also plot the behavior of your formula as parameters vary.
Strong Mathematical Computation Engine
Graph Theory Package A comprehensive set of tools for working with graphs and their applications.
Physics Package Provides the tools needed for solving a wide variety of problems, from simple applications in classical mechanics to computations in quantum field theory.
Differential Geometry Package a collection of tightly integrated tools for a wide variety of computations. Supports computation in the areas of calculus on manifolds, tensor analysis, calculus on jet spaces, Lie algebras and Lie groups, and transformation groups.
MATLAB® and Web Connectivity The professional version of Maple 11 included Maple Toolbox for MATLAB®, a tightly integrated numeric and symbolic modeling tool, and MapleNet™, a platform that allows Maple users to publish their live Maple documents on the Web
Enhanced Excel Support Easy import and export of Excel data files, allowing for the smooth integration of Excelgenerated data. You can use these features interactively with the Data Import Assistant and the Matrix Browser, or programmatically with commands. These features support partial file import
Image Tools Improved Image Tools package offers increased performance and new manipulation and viewing commands.

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