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User Case Study: Educational Authority of Eastern France Adopts MapleSim for use in all technical schools

As part of a process to reform STI2D educational streams (Sciences and Technology of Industry and Sustainable Development), technical high schools in France are now required to use design and development software tools. Most schools from the Académie de Nancy-Metz1, a school board in Eastern France, have chosen MapleSim, the high-performance physical modeling and simulation tool from Maplesoft.

MapleSim uses a fully-developed symbolic modeling engine to handle all of the complex mathematics involved in the development of engineering models. This symbolic engine offers unique advantages that expand the modelling and simulation capabilities of engineers. Each MapleSim release further develops these capabilities, which include automatically-generated model equations in full parametric form, equation-based custom components, optimized code generation for real-time systems, revolutionary multi-body technology, and an interactive analysis environment that captures the full engineering knowledge of each project.

Figure 1: Dynamic thermal modeling of a house

The aim of the ongoing reform of STI2D educational streams is two-fold. One, to help better separate the technological branch and from the vocational branch, and two, to support high school students’ access to undergraduate and graduate education in engineering or other technical studies. Within this context, several hundred MapleSim licenses have been deployed through the Académie de Nancy-Metz.

“There were several reasons why we chose MapleSim”, said Mr. DZIUBANOWSKI from the Lycée des Métiers Gustave Eiffel in Talange, Lorraine region, France. “First, the software is already being used in the preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles2. In addition, the technical expertise in French provided by Maplesoft France has enabled us to rapidly develop advanced models in MapleSim. MapleSim’s intuitive interface makes the software a particularly easy tool to learn, both for educators and students. Maplesoft’s commercial offering is also very simple – there is no need for optional extra toolboxes as everything is integrated.”

Figure 2: Simulation results for students

A high proportion of STI2D educators in the Académie are currently being trained to use the software, while some are already using it in their classrooms. Tutorials and practical assignments with application models such as a home energy management system or a solar-powered garden gate have been created. The latter example uses MapleSim’s multi-domain modelling capabilities, including multibody mechanics coupled with a battery-powered motor, with the battery charged using a solar panel.

The Académie de Nancy-Metz aims to eventually interchange models between high schools of the Académie and right across France. It is anticipated that the software will be implemented for different streams in thehigh school final years.

Figure 3: Solar-powered garden gate

1: Area Education Board
2: a specific entry venue to long term studies