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    Home : Support : Downloads & Service Packs : Maple T.A 9.5 Hotfixes

Maple T.A. 9.5 Hotfixes

From time to time, Maplesoft issues corrections and enhancements to Maple T.A. in the form of downloadable hotfixes which can be applied to your existing Maple T.A. installation. A hotfix is a zip file (for Windows) or compressed tar file (for Linux and Macintosh) containing a readme, a script and a small number of replacement files. For convenience, multiple hotfixes are sometimes distributed together in a service pack.

To install the hotfixes, follow the instructions in the appropriate readme file. A copy of these instructions is also included in the download.

Linux and Macintosh

Important Notes

  • Hotfixes and services packs must be installed sequentially. For example, you must first install Service Pack 001 before installing Hotfix 002.
  • Fixes must be installed with "/force" option. Tomcat restart is required. When installing multiple fixes, stop Tomcat, apply all hotfixes and service packs in order, and then restart Tomcat.
This compatibility update is required to ensure the equation editor works properly with Java Version 7 Update 51.

Note: Tomcat must be stopped
before applying this hotfix.

This hotfix can be installed at any time, independent of the other hotfixes.
Linux and Macintosh
Linux and Macintosh
Linux and Macintosh
Corrected concurrency issues within the question repository Windows
Linux and Macintosh
Linux and Macintosh
Linux and Macintosh
Improved security for Grade Results and Grade Reports Windows
Linux and Macintosh
Improved rendering of math expressions within question hints Windows
Linux and Macintosh
Allows ampersand and parentheses to be used in uploaded filenames Windows
Linux and Macintosh
Improved security for profiles Windows
Linux and Macintosh

Obtaining Support
If you have any questions or experience difficulties with this update, please contact Technical Support.

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