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Engineering Solutions for Product Design Validation and Optimization

Reduce risk and bring high-quality products to market faster with virtual commissioning, system-level simulation, and analysis

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Using high-fidelity system-level modeling and simulation, Maplesoft Engineering Solutions help you determine how your design will behave using a "virtual" prototype of your system. In this way, it is possible to validate your design against specifications and correct any flaws long before investing in a physical prototype, saving significant time and money.

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions can also help you investigate ways to further improve your design. Because our products provide access to the underlying equations that represent the physical behavior of your design, they can be used to develop customized parametric analysis tools even for complex, multidomain systems. These tools will give your engineers significant insight into the effect of parameter changes on the overall system, enabling them to optimize their design. In addition, you can take advantage of automated parameter sweeps, Monte Carlo analysis, sensitivity studies, design of experiments, and multi-objective optimization, so that you can improve your products and feel confident in your design choices.

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