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Maple E-Books and Study Guides

Don’t get stuck! You remember this stuff from class, but don’t remember exactly how it works? The Mathematics Survival Kit - Maple Edition covers over 150 troublesome topics from high school and first year college to get you going again, including completing the square, factoring cubes, derivative rules, and those annoying log properties.

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Advanced Engineering Mathematics Series A series of interactive e-books

Advanced Engineering Mathematics Series is based on Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple, the definitive reference software and textbook for engineering mathematics. The series also includes a companion Student Manual and an Instructor Manual.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple™

The definitive reference software and textbook for engineering mathematics.

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Student Manual

The Student Manual is a companion to Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple.

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Instructor Manual

This book was created for and used in the author’s classes, so its materials have been class-tested at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

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These study guides make extensive use of Maple’s Clickable Math approach for point-and-click problem solving and visualization, so you can stay focused on the ideas. Learn from hundreds of worked problems, and then apply these same Clickable Math tools to check your own homework and get extra practice. Clickable Calculus Study Guides for Precalculus, Calculus, and Multivariate Calculus are included with your purchase of Maple!

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Maple Toolboxes

Global Optimization

Find the best possible answers to your optimization problems using world-class optimization technology

Grid Computing

Distribute Maple computations across the nodes of a network of workstations or a supercomputer

Quantum Chemistry Toolbox from RDMChem

Predict, explore, and design novel molecules in a powerful, easy-to-use environment


Import a Simulink® model into Maple and convert it to a set of mathematical equations

Maple Connector for SysML

Get easier access to the structured data from your systems model for use across your engineering toolchain

Third-Party Products

Maple add-ons developed and sold by other companies and members of the Maple community

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With MapleNet, you can make your Maple calculators, interactive technical applications, and documents available through a web browser while maintaining full control over access, servers, and content.

Maple Player

The Maple Player that lets you view and interact with Maple documents to solve problems, visualize solutions, and explore concepts – an offline, desktop alternative to using MapleCloud.