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Maple 9 Maple 9
Released: 2003

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Summary of features introduced in Maple 9

World Class Symbolics, Rock Solid Numerics
Discrete Transforms Package Greatly improved speed and efficiency in FFT computations, a key technique in signal and image processing
Scientific Error Analysis Package Engineers can now specify error tolerances on computations and compute with quantities that have associated errors. Complements the Units and Scientific Constants packages.
GMP Integer Arithmetic Arithmetic with large integers vastly accelerated, achieved by integrating best-of-breed technology.
Improved ODE and PDE Solvers Scientists and researchers can solve even more complicated systems.
Integer Relations Package

Q-difference Equation Package

Generating Function Package

More tools for research mathematics.
Knowledge Capture and Deployment
New Help System Users can find help on Maple topics much faster and more easily. Navigation now based on a tree network. Remembers search history.
ODE Analyzer Maplet Users can bring to bear all the power of Maple's ODE solvers without knowledge of Maple syntax.
Transparent 3-D Graphics Users can make 3-D surfaces translucent to enhance visibility and aesthetics of Maple graphics.
OpenMaple API Programmers can greatly enhance the power of their C programs by calling the Maple engine from within C routines.
Code Generation for MATLAB® and Visual Basic MATLAB® and Visual Basic users can export Maple results to these languages.
Sketch Pad Users can annotate their Maple worksheets with free-form sketches.

Student Linear Algebra Package

Student Precalculus Package

Dedicated packages for learning and teaching linear algebra and precalculus. Interactive tutors, powerful visualization, and high-level computation routines help students understand faster and better. Complements the Student Calculus 1 package.
Interactive Tutors for Student Calculus 1 Package 17 interactive tutors for Calculus 1 bring calculus concepts to life.

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