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Maple 7 Maple 7
Released: 2000

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Summary of features introduced in Maple 6

World Class Symbolics, Rock Solid Numerics

NAG-Based Numerics for Efficient Numerical Linear Algebra

For the first time in its history, Maple has numerics that can compete with numerical tools like MATLAB® and C. Maple is no longer a purely symbolic environment. This also shows our customer base that we collaborate with leaders in other fields rather than building everything in house, a big distinction between us and Wolfram.
Knowledge Capture and Deployment
Excel Link Excel users can harness the power of Maple inside spreadsheets. They can combine the ease of manipulation of large data sets in Excel with the powerful symbolics of Maple.

External Calling from C and Fortran

Users can leverage their efficient C and Fortran routines inside Maple. They no longer have to implement the same algorithm in two different environments.
Spreadsheets Users can present symbolic Maple expressions in an easily readable spreadsheet format.

RTF File Export

A new way for users to share their Maple analyses with others who don't have Maple.
Graphics Export For the first time, users can export Maple graphics to other formats like GIF and EPS, for inclusion in journal papers, web sites and more.

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