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Maple 12 Maple 12

Released: 2008

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Feature Highlights

Here are some of the many features introduced in Maple 12.
Smart Document Environment
Plotting capabilities New abilities include dual axis plots, polar plots, and specialized engineering plots such as frequency domain responses and root-locus plots.
Exploration Assistant Allows you to instantly create interactive mini-applications used to explore the parameters of expressions.
Dials, gauges, and interactive plots New interactive embedded components include dials, gauges, and radio buttons. The plot component now supports actions triggered by clicking or dragging inside a plot, such as adding an element to the plot at the click location.
Code Edit Regions Code edit regions, including a start-up code region for initialization code, provide a convenient means of developing your programs directly inside the final application document.
Maple Portal for Students Acts as a guide for hundreds of common tasks from mathematics courses. The portal makes use of interactive assistants, context menus, and task templates, including over a dozen new task templates created for the portal.
The World’s Richest Computational Environment
ODEs, PDEs, and DAEs Improvements to solvers for differential equations (ODEs), partial differential equations (PDEs), and differential algebraic equations (DAEs) continue to strengthen Maple’s world-leading position in numeric and symbolic differential equation solving. Enhancements include the ability to symbolically solve entire classes of ODEs for which no algorithms previously existed, and support for user-defined events in numeric solutions to DE and DAE initial value problems.
Control systems design tools The new Dynamic Systems package offers a large selection of analytic and graphing tools for linear time-invariant systems, which are essential steps in control systems development.
Wavelets transforms The Discrete Transforms package now contains numerical wavelet transforms. It provides the ability to obtain the coefficients for many well-known classes of wavelets for varying filter lengths, including Daubechies and Bi-Orthogonal Spline wavelets, and to apply these wavelet transforms to discrete data.
Student Vector Calculus This package has been updated to take advantage of recent enhancements in vector calculus support inside Maple.
Fully Integrated in your Existing Workflow
CAD Connectivity Maple 12 added important analysis capabilities to CAD systems, giving CAD users the ability to use Maple's computational power to analyze and optimize designs. Using Maple, CAD users can answer such questions as “What are the mathematical relationships between objects?” and “How do changes to object properties impact other objects?”
MATLAB® to Maple code translation New code translator allows you to leverage existing work by automatically converting MATLAB commands to their Maple equivalents.
Database connectivity Maple 12 allows engineers and scientists to quickly develop and deploy powerful applications that combine large enterprise datasets with the state-of-the-art analysis and visualization tools of Maple.

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