Maple Flow vs Excel: Making your engineering calculations more productive

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Maple Flow vs Excel

Making your engineering calculations more productive


Documenting and sharing design calculations is a very important part of engineers duties. Engineers start their careers using Excel for calculations, as a quick means to solve and document basic equations, but after using it for some time, they discover it has limitations when presenting advanced mathematics, often requires workarounds, and can be time consuming to spot errors.

Engineers need easy-to-use calculation software that makes it simple to create and update design worksheets, and many are looking to Maple Flow as an alternative to the spreadsheet format. This paper shows 4 key areas where engineers can improve their productivity and workflow by switching to Maple Flow from Excel.

Maple Flow stands out as calculation software that is aligned to the way engineers approach designs. With Maple Flow, you can capture your thought process, minimize errors that lead to delays, control rising costs, and avoid unexpected outcomes.

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