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Development of Real-Time Battery Models for HIL testing of Battery Management Systems (BMS)


The explosion in the use of electronic devices, electrified vehicles and decentralized power utilities (e.g. smart grids) has driven demand for rechargeable batteries, creating a thriving and growing market. Current projections indicate that the global market for rechargeable batteries will be approximately $60 billion in 2015, growing at around 9% per year. This has led many of the major electronics companies to enter the market, with offerings targeting a range of applications: from small and light-weight for hand-held devices to batteries the size of shipping containers for utilities. It has also led to a significant increase in research investment into battery technologies to address many of the technical challenges facing this industry, ranging from increasing specific energy (the amount of charge a cell can hold per kg weight) to thermal stability, battery life extension, and final disposal of spent materials at the end of a battery's life.

In this paper, we will focus on one area of development in the context of a project recently carried out by Maplesoft and its partner, ControlWorks Inc, of South Korea. Specifically, we will cover the development of a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing system for the Battery Management Systems (BMS) used in one of our client's larger electrical energy storage products, targeting the Smart Grid and UPS markets.

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