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"There were problems during the loading process. Your worksheet may be incomplete."



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This message can appear for several reasons such as you are loading a worksheet that exceeds resources, the worksheet had not been saved properly, or you are using a feature that is not supported. This can also happen when webmail (for example, Microsoft® Outlook® Web Access) corrupts the Maple attachment.


Solution 1: Try restarting Maple and reloading the file.


Solution 2: If after restarting Maple the problem still persists, you can increase the resources available to the loading mechanism:




In the launch.ini file in the bin directory of your Maple installation, add the following:






In the Info.plist file, in the Application directory, add the following:





In the maple script file, located in the bin directory of your Maple installation, append the following to the end of JVM_OPTIONS:





Solution 3: Webmail is known to corrupt XML-based documents, including Maple worksheets. If the document was corrupted when sent via webmail, it is recommended that you zip the Maple worksheets first.  

Alternatively, if possible, you could make the file available on a network share instead of sending the file by email.

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