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function to apply prior to loading a module


function to apply prior to deleting a module


Calling Sequence



Calling Sequence

module() export ModuleLoad, ...; ... end module;

module() export ModuleUnload, ...; ... end module;



If a ModuleLoad local or export is present, then this procedure is called when the module is read from the Maple repository in which it is located.


If a ModuleUnload local or export is present, then this procedure is called when the module is destroyed. A module is destroyed either when it is no longer accessible and is garbage collected, or when Maple exits.


A module may be no longer accessible, and hence subject to garbage collection before the ModuleUnload procedure is executed, but become accessible again during the execution of that procedure. In this case, the module is not garbage collected. When it eventually is garbage collected or Maple exits, the ModuleUnload procedure is not executed again.


The ModuleLoad and ModuleUnload procedures are called with no arguments.


For the ModuleLoad option to perform correctly, the entire module in which it appears must be saved to the repository.  Also, if you save a member of a module that uses ModuleLoad and/or ModuleUnload, but do not save the module, then the specified procedure(s) will not be called.


An alternate name can be designated as ModuleLoad or ModuleUnload by using option load = lname and option unload = uname respectively, where lname and uname are exports or locals of the module.


This module is initialized by calling the procedure ModuleLoad when the module is read from a repository. It executes the procedure ModuleUnload when the module is garbage collected or Maple exits.

P := module()
    export Area, NewTri;
    local ModuleLoad, ModuleUnload;

    NewTri := proc( v1::[numeric,numeric],
                    v3::[numeric,numeric] )
        return 'TRI'(v1,v2,v3);
    end proc;

    Area := proc( t::TRI )
        local gt;
        uses geometry;
        gt := triangle(A123,
    end proc;

    ModuleLoad:= proc( )
        # register a type
        TypeTools[AddType]( TRI,
                   [numeric,numeric],TRI)' );
        # display a message
        printf("Loading module P\n");
    end proc:

    # Explicitly call ModuleLoad here so the type is registered when this
    # code is cut&pasted in.  ModuleLoad gets called when the module is
    # read from the repository, but the code used to define a module
    # (like the command below) is not called at library read time.

    ModuleUnload:= proc( )
    # print a message
    printf("Module P is going away\n");
    end proc:
end module:

Warning, (in P:-Area) `i` is implicitly declared local
Loading module P




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