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MapleSim 2023.2 Update

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Maplesoft has released MapleSim 2023.2.1, which contains all the enhancements in this update plus additional improvements, as well as an update to the Ropes and Pulleys Library. Visit MapleSim 2023.2.1 for details and to download. No other add-on products are part of the 2023.2.1 update, so continue to use the links below if you need to update any of your other add-ons manually.

MapleSim 2023.2 is update to MapleSim 2023 that is available to all MapleSim 2023 users.

The MapleSim 2023.2 family of products includes updates to MapleSim and some of its add-ons, as well as to MapleSim Insight.  See the release notes, What’s New in MapleSim 2023.2, for details about the improvements in this update.

MapleSim 2023.2 Updates


MapleSim Battery Library

MapleSim Driveline Library

MapleSim Tire Library

MapleSim Web Handling Library


MapleSim CAD Toolbox


MapleSim Connector for FMI

Note for MapleSim Insight users: MapleSim Insight customers will receive instructions on how to obtain the MapleSim Insight update over email.

Obtaining Support

If you have any questions or experience difficulties with this update, please contact Maplesoft Customer Service.