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MapleSim 2022.2.1 Update

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MapleSim 2022.2.1

MapleSim 2022.2.1 is a maintenance update to MapleSim 2022.2 available to users of the MapleSim Tire Library. Only customers who use this add-on product require this update.

Note: This update works with MapleSim 2022.2. If you have MapleSim 2022.1, visit the MapleSim 2022.2 update page and install those updates instead. The Tire Library update from that page will give you the latest version. If you are uncertain which version you have, go to the Help menu in MapleSim and select About MapleSim…

This release fixes problems with the Pacejka Tire App.

Getting the Update

From the Tools menu in MapleSim 2022, select Check for Updates, and follow the instructions.

If that option is dimmed, then Check for Updates is not enabled. Instead, you can download the updates by clicking on the links below.

MapleSim Tire Library 2022.2.1

Obtaining Support

If you have any questions or experience difficulties with this update, please contact Maplesoft Customer Service.