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MapleSim 2021.2 Update

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Important! For macOS users only, this update has been superceded by MapleSim 2021.2.1, which contains important fixes for Mac users, as well as the improvements listed below. Windows and Linux users should follow the instructions below.

MapleSim 2021.2 Update Details and Downloads

MapleSim 2021.2 is an important update to MapleSim 2021. It is available to all MapleSim 2021 users.

The MapleSim 2021.2 family of products includes many updates to MapleSim, the CAD and Control Design toolboxes, specialized MapleSim libraries, MapleSim connectivity tools, and MapleSim Insight. See What’s New in MapleSim 2021.2 for full details about new features and improvements.

Getting the Update

From the Tools menu in MapleSim 2021, select Check for Updates, and follow the instructions. The update software will automatically download the update for MapleSim, as well as any add-on updates you may need

If that option is dimmed, you can download the updates by clicking on the links below.

First install the update to MapleSim.  The update installer will apply the necessary changes to both MapleSim and Maple. Once that is complete, install the updates for any add-on products you may have.

MapleSim 2021.2 Updates

MapleSim 2021.2 Japanese Edition Updates

Note for MapleSim Insight users: MapleSim Insight customers will receive instructions on how to obtain the MapleSim Insight update over email.

Note for Maple Flow users: Once you install this update, which updates both MapleSim and Maple, it is important that you also update your Maple Flow installation so that it continues to work with Maple. If you use Check for Updates to update MapleSim, you will also be given the opportunity to update Maple Flow at that time. Otherwise, visit Maple Flow 2021.2 to download the update, and to learn about the new features.

Obtaining Support

If you have any questions or experience difficulties with this update, please contact Maplesoft Customer Service.