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Maple Flow 2021.2.1 Update

Update Details and Downloads

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Maple Flow 2021.2.1 Update

Maple Flow 2021.2.1 is a maintenance update to Maple Flow 2021 available for macOS.

This release fixes a serious problem that some users were experiencing with doubled characters appearing when using the shift key.

Anyone who uses macOS 11 or macOS 12 should install this update immediately. We also strongly recommend that all macOS users install this update, to avoid problems that may be triggered by future updates to your operating system.

Getting the Update

Step 1:
Update your Maple installation to Maple 2021.2.1, following the instructions on the Maple 2021.2.1 update page. You must have Maple 2021.2 in order to install and run Maple Flow 2021.2

Step 2:
If you used Maple’s Check for Updates to update your Maple installation in Step 1, you may have been given the opportunity to update Maple Flow at the same time. If you ran the Maple Flow update installer after the Maple update installer, as part of your Maple update process, you are done.

Otherwise, download the Maple Flow update installer using the link below and then run the installer to update Maple Flow to the 2021.2.1 release.

Maple Flow 2021.2.1
Download Now

Obtaining Support

If you have any questions or experience difficulties with this update, please contact Maplesoft Customer Service.