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Maple 2022.2 Update

Update Details and Downloads

Maple 2022.2

Maple 2022.2 is a maintenance update to Maple 2022. It contains corrections and improvements to Maple 2022 in a variety of areas, including:

  • Improved performance when saving large worksheets that use standard math notation in input
  • Corrected a problem with programmatic updates to radio button components
  • Enhancements to the Physics package
  • Improvements to the math engine, including in GraphTheory, GroupTheory, simplify, and evaluation of integral expressions at a point
  • Help page improvements for DeepLearning
  • Improved the ThermophysicalData package by updating the underlying database to CoolProp v6.4.1
  • Updated the Java platform to OpenJDK 18
  • General engine improvements by updating to more recent versions of various supporting libraries:
    • curl 7.85.0
    • libxml2 2.10.2
    • libxslt and libexslt 1.1.37
    • sqlite 3.39.3
    • zlib 1.2.12
  • Support for MapleSim 2022.2

Getting the Update

From the Tools menu in Maple 2022, select Check for Updates, and follow the instructions.

If that option is dimmed, then Check for Updates is not enabled. Instead, you can download the update by clicking on the link below.

Note for MapleSim Users: If you update Maple, you must also update MapleSim. If you are not using Check for Updates, which deals with both products automatically, visit the MapleSim 2022.2 update page instead of using the link below. The Maple update will be installed automatically as part of the MapleSim update.

Maple 2022.2 (all languages)
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Obtaining Support

If you have any questions or experience difficulties with this update, please contact Maplesoft Customer Service.