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B&R MapleSim Connector

B&R MapleSim Connector

With the B&R MapleSim Connector, Toolboxes and Connectors digital twin technology can be integrated with the control software development process, making virtual commissioning a realistic technique for automation companies to adopt today. The B&R MapleSim Connector creates a simplified workflow between the system-level modeling environment (MapleSim) and the automation design environment (B&R Automation Studio). This connector allows designers to create their digital models and test their PLC code in the same workflow, providing valuable feedback during the design phase where changes are easier and less expensive to implement.

B&R MapleSim Connector

B&R simplifies model-based machine development with the new B&R MapleSim Connector. It considerably reduces the time spent on modeling machine components.

MapleSim is a very efficient way to make detailed models of machine components along with the torque and other forces that affect dimensioning
- Dr. Kurt Zehetleitner, B&R Industrial Automation

Advantages of the B&R MapleSim Connector include:

  • Quickly create a digital model by leveraging previous CAD data for use in both MapleSim and B&R Automation Studio
  • Get your design and actuators right before prototyping
  • Test your control software before connecting it to a physical machine
  • Debug your machine software by seeing the mechanism’s response to your control code in B&R’s scene viewer
  • No guessing with effective inertias and approximated accelerations – directly export a model’s forces/torque to SERVOsoft
  • Perform predictive maintenance and diagnostics by comparing the model’s simulation data with the sensed torque/force loads of a machine

Digital Twin

Virtual Commissioning Using the B&R MapleSim Connector

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Use the B&R MapleSim Connector in your next project:

    Rapid creation and testing of initial concepts
  • By enabling quick prototyping and testing of design concepts, MapleSim allows you to try out more ideas in less time, getting you on track quickly.

  • High fidelity models
  • MapleSim produces high fidelity, computationally efficient models suitable for in-the-loop simulations, controller design, and activities such as optimization, sensitivity analysis, and parameter sweeps.

  • Efficient use of digital twins
  • The B&R MapleSim Connector offers two streamlined export functions for efficient use of digital twins in the development process. First, a model’s simulation data can be exported in a format directly readable by SERVOSoft, allowing it to “right-size” the servo drives, motors and gearboxes. Secondly, the model itself, along with its CAD visualization, can be exported to Automation Studio for control code testing.

  • Transfer models to hardware quickly
  • Once in Automation Studio, the model can be simulated and transferred directly to B&R control hardware. The result is hardware-in-the-loop simulation, where the machine’s behavior is emulated in real time to create a controlled environment where the machine software can be safely tested. The behavior of the digital model is visualized live in B&R Scene Viewer.