MapleSim Server - Maplesoft MapleSim Server

The MapleSim Server provides an easy web deployment option for your MapleSim-based solutions. The MapleSim Server allows engineers throughout your organization to explore MapleSim simulation models from a web browser, even if they do not have MapleSim.

  • Explore MapleSim simulation models from a web browser. Access your models from computers and mobile devices using a standard web browser, no plug-ins required.

  • Access, explore, and analyze models. Change parameters, manipulate model equations, run new simulations, see updated results, generate simulation code for export, and more.

  • Combine compiled code speed with interactive explorations. In your application, your model is represented by parameterized, compiled functions, so you get results fast.

  • Eliminate versioning problems. The application lives in a single, central location so updates can be deployed quickly throughout your organization.

  • Fully control access to your solution. Leverage your proven web access security methods to specify who is allowed to access your models.

  • Reduce licensing fees. MapleSim and Maple licenses are not required by the users of your MapleSim Server applications.
MapleSim Server

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