Share and Deploy Technical Knowledge and Applications Online - MapleNet - Maplesoft

Why Use MapleNet?

With MapleNet, you can:

  • Deploy solutions to employees across your company and around the world. The employees using your solutions do not need to know any mathematics or have Maple installed. They simply enter their data into the interface of your choice and click a button. The use of MapleNet ensures that your company’s standard mathematical solutions are applied consistently and correctly across the organization by eliminating the need for expensive training in specialized desktop software.

  • Provide online learning materials to your students which support the study of mathematics, engineering, science, and mathematics-based subjects. Suitable for both on-campus and distance education, these interactive materials can be used without training or additional software. Because the content is interactive, students are not limited to a fixed set of examples. They can modify problems, enter new expressions, and see how the results change.

  • Develop and publish technical reports, papers, assignments, course materials and other technical documents, without the need to manage hundreds of image files, install plug-ins, or do any web programming.

MapleNet User Stories

MapleNet is used by companies and academic institutions around the world, to power cross-company solutions, deliver highly focused learning objects to students, distribute live Maple documents across organizations, and more.