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Why Teaching with Maple Works

Teach more, calculate less. Maple simplifies the delivery of math-based curriculum while helping students more deeply understand core concepts. Don’t believe it? Explore this infographic to learn more.1
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Maple makes instructors’ lives easier

of instructors said using Maple helped keep their students engaged.

of instructors said they saved time using Maple in their lectures.

Maple improves student performance

Encouraging students to learn with Maple frees them from the tedium of manual calculation, helping them focus instead on the concepts being taught.

93% of students said using Maple helped them finish homework faster.
71% of students said Maple helped improve their grades.

What students like most about Maple

4% “I like it all!”

14% Plotting/visualization capabilities

14% Its mathematical power

24% It makes homework easier

45% It is easy to use

Don't take our word for it

Maple has been proven to improve student performance by 50%2

95% of instructors would recommend Maple to a peer
9/10 students would recommend
Maple to a peer

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1 – Survey of instructors and students who purchased Maple – December, 2018.
2 – Maplesoft Case Study: “Pasadena Professor Uses Maple to Transform Students’ Engagement with Math”, 2019.