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Not Using Maple 2018 Yet? See What You've Been Missing

No matter what you use Maple for, this is not a release to skip.

Maple 2018 is a powerful new release, and builds upon all the great features added in past versions.

Okay, we get it. We know you love Maple, but some years you find yourself wondering if it's worth the bother of upgrading. People use Maple to do many different things, so it's inevitable that each new release will include some features you care about and some features you really don't need.

But if you aren't using Maple 2018 yet, you are really missing out. Maybe more than you realize.

To help you make up your mind, this whitepaper outlines some of what has gone into Maple for each of the last three releases. There are many more improvements and additions than we can cover in this article, so we have purposely limited ourselves to one item per category. Much more information about current and past releases is always available.

Once you've had a chance to learn about what has gone into Maple since you last upgraded, ask yourself - is Maple 2018 something you want to do without? We think you'll be surprised by how much you've been missing!

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