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Maple includes a full featured programming language that can be used to create scripts, programs, and full applications.

  • Interpreted language supports easy exploration and fast prototyping
  • Programming environment options include an advanced code editor and the Maple IDE (available separately)
  • Procedural, functional, and object-oriented programming
  • Advanced features include operator overloading, assumptions on variables, and exception handling
  • Debugging, profiling, security, and library management tools
  • Source code of most routines available for viewing
  • Create and manipulate many kinds of data structures, including sets, strings, lists, arrays, stacks, queues, records, and modules
  • Tools for manipulating mathematical objects, including polynomials, integrals, and sums
  • Powerful type system, including ability to extend existing types
  • Generate and manipulate Maple worksheets through their XML representation
  • User-level routines for multi-threaded programming on multi-core computers
  • Compiler package, CUDA support, parallel algorithms, and optimization tools promote highly efficient user code for numeric computations
  • External function interface for transparent access to dynamic libraries
  • Interactive embedded components include buttons, sliders, plots, check boxes, list boxes, toggle buttons, radio button, dials, gauges, and mathematical expression boxes for entering and displaying 2-D math
  • Customizable context-sensitive menus
  • Maplet applications can be built programmatically or through a point-and-click Maplet builder
Maple Programming Webinar

Maple is a very powerful programming language which offers sophisticated tools for the modern programmer. In this session, you’ll see a number of techniques that can be used to develop robust, efficient, maintainable solutions to your problems.

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