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Database Connectivity

With built-in database connectivity, Maple allows engineers and scientists to quickly develop and deploy powerful applications that combine large enterprise datasets with the state-of-the-art analysis and visualization tools of Maple. You can easily query, create, and update your databases within the interactive, user-friendly Maple environment, without any detailed SQL knowledge.

  • Works with any database for which a JDBC-compliant driver is available, such as Microsoft® SQL Server®, Microsoft Access™, Sybase™, Oracle®, IBM® DB2®, and MySQL®
  • Allows you to query, update, and create databases from within Maple
  • Automatic result updates without issuing further SQL commands
  • Automatic data conversion between SQL and Maple, allowing natural manipulations within each environment
  • Easy-to-use Maplet assistant for managing connections and building queries makes detailed knowledge of SQL unnecessary
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