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Bringing the Power of Maple to Online Applications

With MapleNet, you can easily share your Maple documents, calculators, and technical applications. Your colleagues can interact with your content, perform calculations, and visualize results, all from within a standard web browser.

Maple provides the most intuitive interface available for creating web applications that rely on mathematical computations. You simply drag buttons, sliders, math input regions, and other interactive components into your Maple document to create the interface, and add the functionality behind those components using Maple's high-level, mathematically sophisticated programming language. Once completed, you simply save the Maple document on the MapleNet server to make your application available online.

View and interact with Maple documents with MapleNet

From Concept to Deployment with MapleNet

With MapleNet, you can deploy your technical applications throughout your organization, to the application engineer, designer, technical operator, sales manager – anyone who needs to use your solution to get results for specific problems.

Maple is a complete, rapid solution environment. Everything from the initial mathematical analysis to the development of easy-to-use applications that performs design calculations can be done using Maple’s advanced analysis and application development tools. Then, you simply deploy your Maple applications via MapleNet to make your solution accessible to anyone in your organization who needs it.

Solutions deployed via MapleNet provide:

  • Easy access via a standard web browser, from both computers and tablets
  • Intuitive user interface – no knowledge of Maple required
  • Easy entry of equations and data
  • Meaningful presentation of results
  • Illuminating visualizations

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