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Radiative Pressure

: Dr. Robert Roseberry
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A circular solar sail with 100% reflectivity and a radius (R) of 600 m. is at rest in the Earth's orbit. The sail is oriented so that its normal points directly to the Sun. The total mass of the sail and its payload "(m[sail]" ) is 900 kg. The sail moves toward Mars along a trajectory of increasing r. As it does so, its velocity (v) and acceleration (a) increase. Calculate the radiative pressure on the sail, a(r), v(r), v at the orbit of Mars, and how many days are required to reach Mars

For more information on how to do this problem, and for tables of relevant data, see www.canismajor.ca.

Application Details

Publish Date: September 25, 2017
Created In: Maple 2017
Language: English

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