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The CayleyDickson Algebra from 4D to 256D

: Dr. Michael Angel Carter, GED
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There are higher dimensional numbers besides complex numbers.  There are also hypercomplex numbers, such as, quaternions (4 D), octonions (8 D), sedenions (16 D), pathions (32 D), chingons (64 D), routons (128 D), voudons (256 D), and so on, without end.  These names were coined by Robert P.C. de Marrais and Tony Smith.  It is an alternate naming system providing relief from the difficult Latin names, such as:
trigintaduonions (32 D),  sexagintaquatronions (64 D), centumduodetrigintanions (128 D), and ducentiquinquagintasexions (256 D).

Application Details

Publish Date: April 23, 2010
Created In: Maple 13
Language: English

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