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Green's Functions for Ordinary Differential Equations

Length: 47 Minutes
Presenter: Dr. Robert Lopez
Product: Maple

More than 50 years ago in a graduate course in differential equations, my colleagues and I struggled to understand what a Green's function for an ordinary differential equation really was. Suddenly, someone pointed to a green chalk mark on the blackboard and, with great glee, declared it to be the l...

Clickable Calculus Series - Part #2: Integral Calculus

Length: 53 Minutes
Presenter: Dr. Robert Lopez
Product: Maple

In this webinar, Dr. Lopez will apply the techniques of “Clickable Calculus” to standard calculations in Integral Calculus. Clickable Calculus™, the idea of powerful mathematics delivered using very visual, interactive point-and-click methods, offers educators a new generation ...

Calcul cliquable: Pré-calcul, et calcul différentiel et intégral à une et plusieurs variables

Length: 62 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: Maple

Avec le Calcul cliquable (Clickable CalculusTM), Maplesoft a introduit une nouvelle, et excitante dimension dans l'enseignement du calcul différentiel et intégral. L'idée de la puissance des mathématiques, fournie à l'aide d'une méthode très visuelle,...