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Maple Training Videos

Whether you are using Maple for the very first time, tackling a new course, or looking for more in-depth coverage of a specialized topic, these training videos will help you become productive quickly.

New Users

Doing Math

  • In Maple 2018, context-sensitive menus were incorporated into the new Maple Context Panel, located on the right side of the Maple window. If you are using Maple 2018 or later, instead of right-clicking to bring up a menu, as shown in some of these videos, you will find the operations you need in the Context Panel.
  • Some videos use the context menu to launch a tutor. The location of the tutors on the menu has changed slightly. For example, if the video refers to Tutors>Student Calculus 1>Integration Methods…, you will find it at Student Calculus 1>Tutors>Integration Methods…

Teaching Concepts With Maple

A series of video examples and downloadable Maple documents demonstrating how to use Maple to solve problems and teach mathematical concepts.

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