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Specifying Parameters

You specify parameters by setting parameter values for components in the Model Workspace. You enter parameter values in 2-D math notation, which is a formatting option that allows you to add elements such as subscripts, superscripts, and Greek characters.

To specify parameters:


In the Model Workspace, select a component.


In the Properties tab ( ) located to the right of the Model Workspace, click the field of the parameter field and value that you want to change.


Type the new value for the parameter and press Enter.  The parameter values are accepted and to the right, the area with the units is highlighted.


If applicable, from the drop-down menu beside the parameter field, define the units for the parameter by selecting them from the list.


In certain parameter fields, you can enter a matrix and specify matrix dimensions. To specify matrix dimensions, right-click (Control-click for Mac) a parameter field that accepts matrix values, select Edit Matrix Dimensions, and enter the number of rows and columns.

Note: The context menu operation for setting the matrix dimension is not available if the parameter field is blank. In this case, you must enter a matrix as a list of lists, for example, [[1,2],[3,4]].



To view the short description of a parameter, click your mouse pointer once in a parameter field.


To move the cursor between parameter fields or matrix values, press Tab to browse to the next value or Shift + Tab to browse to the previous value.

Note on default parameters

Most parameter values for components in MapleSim have default values. Certain parameters have default values that are simply placeholders which may not represent realistic values for your simulation. In the Properties tab, placeholder parameter values have a light blue font, while all of the other default parameter values have a black font.

If you run a simulation without replacing a placeholder parameter value, a warning message appears. When the warning message appears you can either accept the warning and replace the placeholder value before you run the simulation again or you can ignore the warning and run the simulation without replacing the placeholder value.


Consider the Resistor component.

The parameter R represents resistance with a default parameter value shown in a light blue font. This identifies the value as a placeholder value that should be changed. In this case, R has a placeholder value because there are many common resistance values. In contrast, parameters having fewer commonly used values are assigned realistic default values in a black font.

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