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Student[MultivariateCalculus][TaylorApproximationTutor] - plot or animate the Taylor approximation of a bivariate function

Calling Sequence


TaylorApproximationTutor(f(x,y), [x,y]=[a,b], degree, x=xmin..xmax, y=ymin..ymax)


f(x, y)


(optional) algebraic function in two variables

[x, y]


(optional) name of the variables

[a, b]


(optional) point around which the series is expanded



(optional) integer; specify the degree of the series

xmin..xmax, ymin..ymax


(optional) ranges for plot



The TaylorApproximationTutor command launches a tutor interface that computes, plots, and animates the Taylor approximation of a function.


If f(x,y), [x,y]=[a,b], and degree are not specified, TaylorApproximationTutor uses defaults.


The TaylorApproximation command offers equivalent capabilities to TaylorApproximationTutor where interaction takes place in the worksheet interface. See the Student[MultivariateCalculus][TaylorApproximation] help page.


To change the default colors of the plot objects, see the Student[SetColors] help page.


Note that the zmin..zmax optional range is no longer supported for this command. Use the Plot Options button in the Tutor to set the plot range of the third dimension.


When the TaylorApproximationTutor is running, interaction with the worksheet is not possible.






See Also

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