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6.15 How Does an Algorithmic Question Work in an Assignment?


  1. Create a static question -- a version of the question in which the variables have fixed values.
  1. Edit the question. (All three authoring methods support algorithm authoring.)
  1. Click Edit in the Algorithm region.
  1. Add variable(s) and click Save.
  1. Under Question Text, replace the fixed values with variable names in the question. Variable names must start with the $ (dollar sign) character.
  1. Save your question.

Assignment Creation

  1. Select algorithmic questions for inclusion in an assignment in the same manner used for other questions.
  1. In the Assignment Editor, each time you preview the question the system regenerates the variable values. To preview the question with new variable values, preview it again.
  1. Save your assignment.

Assignment Use

  1. Each time the assignment is instantiated (generated for a new session) by Maple T.A., new variable values are created in all the algorithmic questions. New assignment sessions occur either when the same student is making a new attempt at the same assignment or when different students request sessions from the same assignment.
  1. Until an assignment is submitted for grading, variable data that is created for that particular session persists throughout the assignment session, even when students navigate between questions.
  1. To give individual students the ability to return and rework an assignment with the same algorithmically generated variable values for each repeated attempt, use the Keep Variation option for homework in Step 3 of the Assignment Editor.
  1. Algorithmically generated variable values are recorded permanently in the graded session results stored in the class Gradebook. At any time following grading, students and instructors can return and review the exact assignment, with the variable values used and student responses entered in the assignment.