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Export a Plot


Export an inline Maple plot from a worksheet to one of the following formats: BMP, COLLADA, DAE, DXF, EPS, GIF/ANIMATED-GIF, JPEG/JPG, PDF, PNG, POV, SVG, X3D, X3DG, or WMF.


Maple provides a number of ways to export plots. For information on programmatically saving a plot to a file, see plotsetup and plottools[exportplot]. For information on a specific output device, see plot/device.


To export a plot:


Select the plot you want to export.


From the Plot menu, select Export.


Alternatively, select Export from the Context Panel.


Select a format.


Specify the location and the name of the exported file.


Click Save.




Formats that do not support multiple frames output only the current frame of an animation.


The transparency option is ignored when exporting plot. For information about the transparency option, see plot,options and plot3d,option.


Animations in Maple can be exported as animated GIFs. Select GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) from the list of formats under the Export menu item.


Since the GIF format has a maximum number of colors that it can cope with, it should not, in general, be used for plots where shading or transparency are used. This includes most 3-D plots. In these cases, JPEG is a good alternative.

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