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Save a Worksheet or a Document As


Worksheets and documents are saved as .mw files. You can save a worksheet or document in a different location, with a different name, or as a different file type (.maple (workbook) or .mws (legacy format, see note).


From the File menu, select Save As.


Specify a path and folder for the file.


Select a file type: .mw (default), .maple, or .mws.


Enter a filename.


Click Save.


Because Maple worksheets (.mw files) are saved in an XML-based format, you can display the structure of a Maple worksheet in XML applications.


Note: The saving a worksheet as an .mws option exists for cases where the worksheet also needs to be read by older releases of Maple; it creates a worksheet file in the .mws format. Whenever an older release of Maple reads a worksheet created in a new release, newer features will not be available and command results may change.

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