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Toolbar: Playback Controls

The following controls are located in Playback Toolbar of the 3-D Playback Window.


Common 3-D Toolbar Controls

The following 3-D visualization controls appear in the 3-D Toolbar of both the 3-D Workspace and the 3-D Playback Window.



Change 3-D Settings.  Display options to change 3-D settings.  In the 3-D Playback Window, you can control the Show Legend, Fit Animation, Interpolate Intermediate Frames, and Pan Perspective while Tracking options.

Show Legend.  Select this option to show a list of the visible simulation results along with their associated visualization color in the upper left-hand corner of the animation area.

Fit Animation.  Fit the entire animation in the playback window.

Interpolate Intermediate Frames.  Use interpolated frames during the animation.

Pan Perspective while Tracking.  When selected, during a tracking animation, the camera follows the path of a target component.

Export Movie.  Export the computed simulation as a movie file that you can share with users that do not have MapleSim.

3-D View Controls.  Select a view to display your model from the perspective view or one of the orthographic views.  For a complete description, see 3-D Toolbar.

3-D Navigation Controls.  Select a camera navigation mode for panning, zooming, or moving the camera around your model.  For a complete description, see 3-D Toolbar.

Fit Scene.  Center your model in the 3-D playback window, or, if Fit Animation is selected, center the animation in the 3-D playback window.

Toggle Grid.  Hide or display gridlines in the 3-D workspace.

Toggle Axis.  Hide or display arrows that indicate the directions of the world axes in the 3-D workspace.

Show/Hide Shapes.  Show or hide attached shapes in the 3-D workspace.

Show/Hide Geometry.  Show or hide implicit geometry in the 3-D workspace.

Playback Controls

The following controls on the Playback Toolbar are related to playing the animation.



Show/Hide Forces.  Show and hide force and torque arrows in the 3-D workspace if you have added a Force Arrow or Torque Arrow component to your model.

Show/Hide Trace.  Hide and display trace lines in the 3-D workspace if you have added a Path Trace component to your model.

Track Component.  Switch to part selection mode, which allows you to select a target component that the camera follows when camera tracking is turned on for an animation.

Toggle Tracking.  Turn camera tracking on and off. When you play an animation after turning this option on, the camera follows the target component that you specified in part selection mode.

Rewind.  View the first frame of the animation.

Play.  Play animation.

Stop.  Stop the animation. This button appears when an animation plays.

Backwards.  Set the animation to play backwards.

Forwards.  Set the animation to play forwards.

Fast Forward. View the last frame of the animation.

Playback Speed.  Increase or decrease the number of frames played per second. Changing this value increases or decreases the speed at which the animation plays.

Timeline.  Indicates the current frame in the animation.  Drag the slider to view specific frames. By default, the range of the slider goes from the simulation start time (ts) to the simulation end time (ts + td). The field beside the slider displays a simulation time value in seconds.

Truncated Playback Toolbar

When the 3-D Playback Window is small, the Playback Toolbar truncates to allow easy viewing.  To scroll through the main playback controls, click the black triangles to the right of the toolbar.


To display more visualization options, click Display more visualization options ( ).

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