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Using Variables Palette in the Simulation Results Tab

In the Simulation Results tab, the Variables palette lists probes and variables for the current model in a tree.  This palette is used to create new simulation graphs and to add a new variable to a simulation graph.  You can also change what variable is graphed on the x-axis or add a second vertical axis.

Use the search field in the Variables palette to find a variable quickly.  Use the Display probes/variables button ( ) to toggle between showing probed/plotted variables and showing all variables.  Enter a name or partial name.  The variables tree list shows all matches.


To clear a search, click the Clear Search button ( ).
Note: If you do not see all the expected probes or variables, it may be because the filter from your last search is still active.  Clear the current search to see all the variables.


When multiple models are open, you can change the current model by clicking on the name of a model in the Stored Results palette.


The following tools are displayed in the Variables palette.



Create new plot. Create a new plot for the selected variable(s).

By default, this creates the plot in a new plot window.  To instead add the new plot to the existing plot window, hold the Shift key and click the Create new plot button.

Add variable to existing plot.  Add the selected variable(s) to the selected plot.

Set the x-axis variable.  Place the selected variable on the x-axis of the selected plot.

Display probes/variables.  Toggle the variables displayed in this palette between all model variables or only variables that have been probed variables or added to a custom plot.


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