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Using a Snapshot in a Simulation

When using a snapshot in a simulation, the state information in the snapshot provides the initial conditions for the simulation, reconciled with any parameter or input value changes. You can specify a snapshot for a simulation from the Simulation Settings tab.

All of the snapshots from your simulation results are listed in Simulation Settings > Advanced Simulation > Use Snapshot and are given names of the form StoredResultName:SnapshotName (SnapshotTime).

To use a snapshot in a simulation:


Click the Simulation Settings tab ( ).


In the Advanced Simulation section, select the snapshot you want to use from the Use Snapshot list.


From the Main Toolbar, click Run Simulation ( ).



Using a snapshot in a simulation does not change the start time for your simulation.


When no snapshot is selected for use in simulation, the Run Simulation icon in the toolbar is .  When a snapshot is selected for use in simulation, the Run Simulation icon changes to .


When a snapshot is used in a simulation, that information is available in the tooltip of the resulting entry in the Stored Results palette.

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