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Grouping Modeling Components into Subsystems

A subsystem is a set of modeling components that are grouped in a block component. You can create a subsystem to perform advanced analysis tasks on a group of components in Maple or to improve the layout of a system in the MapleSim model workspace.

To group modeling components into subsystems


In the model workspace, draw a box around the modeling components that you want to group.



From the Edit menu, select Create Subsystem.


In the Create Subsystem dialog box, enter a name for the subsystem.

Note: Subsystem names must be unique. A subsystem cannot be assigned the same name as a modeling component or another subsystem.


Click OK. A white block, which represents the subsystem, is displayed in the model workspace.

Note: Subscript numbers append to subsystem name automatically. For example, if you create a subsystem called DC Motor, the name of that subsystem would be DC Motor1 in the model workspace. Display numbers help you to differentiate multiple copies of a subsystem.

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