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Assigning Parameters to Subsystems

A subsystem parameter is a custom parameter value that you define and assign to multiple components in a subsystem. Subsystem components to which you assign the parameter inherit a parameter value defined at the subsystem level. Subsystem parameters are similar to global parameters, except that subsystem parameters are accessible only to components in the subsystem in which they are defined and all nested subsystems.  

To assign subsystem parameters


In the Model Workspace, double-click the subsystem to which you want to assign a parameter.


Click Parameters ( ) in the Model Workspace Toolbar. The parameter editor view is displayed.


In the <Subsystem_name> subsystem default settings section, enter the name of the new parameter in the Name field and press Enter.  The row entries appear.


In the same row, enter the parameter type, default value, default units, and a short description.  


Press Enter.  The entries are accepted and a new row appears.


Click Diagram ( ) to switch back to the diagram view of the model. When you select the subsystem in the Model Workspace, the parameter name and default value that you defined are displayed in the Properties tab ( ) on the right side of the window.


In the parameter editor view or Properties tab, assign a symbolic parameter value to any of the subsystem components that use the parameter you defined.

For example, if the name of your subsystem parameter is J, you can assign a variable of J to individual components. Individual components to which you assign the symbolic parameter would then inherit the numeric value of the subsystem parameter. You can specify a single variable (for example, J) or a function of a variable (for example, RJ&rpar;.

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