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Specifying Parameters for Multiple Components

When you select more than one component, the Properties tab ( ) shows the common parameters for all of these components. Setting a common parameter in the Properties tab sets the value for all of the components selected. The components you select do not have to be the same; they only need to have at least one common parameter.

To specify common parameters for multiple components:


Select the components by doing one of the following:


In the Model Workspace, Ctrl-click (Command-click for Mac) the components. Alternatively, drag your mouse over the components.


In the Model Tree palette, browse to the components and then Ctrl-click (Command-click for Mac) the components.


In the Properties tab ( ) located to the right of the Model Workspace, click the parameter field that you want to set under the Common Parameters list.



The parameter field shows the current parameter value if all of the components have the same value for that parameter. If the components do not have the same value for the parameter, the field shows mixed.


Not all common parameters are listed. Check the Tips following this procedure for information on what common parameters are and are not listed.


Type the new value for the parameter and press Enter.


In certain parameter fields, you can enter a matrix and specify matrix dimensions. To specify matrix dimensions, right-click (Control-click for Mac) a parameter field that accepts matrix values, select Edit Matrix Dimensions, and enter the number of rows and columns.

Note: The context menu operation for setting the matrix dimension is not available if the parameter field contains mixed. In this case, you must enter a matrix as a list of lists, for example, [[1,2],[3,4]].



Common parameters must have a text field. For example, parameters that use only a check box cannot be set in this way and will not be listed under the Common Parameters list.


Parameters with units must all have the same unit and prefix in order to show up under Common Parameters. For example, if a Mass parameter were set to grams (g) in one component and to kilograms (kg) for all the other components, the Mass parameter would not appear in the Common Parameters list because the units for all the Mass parameters are not the same for all of the components.


All the parameters must be editable. That is, if one of the components you select is in a read-only library, you will not be able to use this procedure to set the common parameters for the components.


The word mixed is a reserved word. You cannot set a common parameter to mixed. Also, you should not use mixed as the name for a variable, a global parameter, or in a parameter block.


To view the short description of a parameter, click your mouse pointer once in a parameter field.


To move the cursor between parameter fields or matrix values, press Tab to browse to the next value or Shift + Tab to browse to the previous value.

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