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Creating a Model

The MapleSim component library contains hundreds of components that you can use to build models. All of these components are organized into palettes according to their respective domains; signal blocks, electrical, 1-D mechanical, multibody, hydraulics, pneumatics, thermal, and magnetic. Most of these components are based on the Modelica® Standard Library 4.0.0. Models created in MapleSim have the file extension .msim or .base_msim.  The format .base_msim is designed to work with revision control systems.  For more information, see Version Controlled MapleSim Model File Format.


The following instructions provide the basic steps for creating a model, along with references to more detailed information for each step. Before proceeding, ensure that you are familiar with the The MapleSim Window and The MapleSim Component Library. You can work on multiple files at a time.


For a more complete description on how to build a model, including examples, see Chapter 2: Building a Model in the MapleSim User's Guide. For complete tutorials see Chapter 6: MapleSim Tutorials in the MapleSim User's Guide.


To create a model:


From the File menu, select New > Model. An empty Model Workspace appears. You are now ready to build a model.


Under the Library Components tab ( ) at the left of the Model Workspace, open a palette, select modeling components, and place them in the Model Workspace. For more information, see Adding Modeling Components from a Palette to a Model.


Connect the components by drawing a connection line between their connection ports.  For more information, see Connecting Components in the Model Workspace.


(Optional) Add a probe to your model. For more information, see Adding Probes to a Model.


Click Run Simulation ( ). For more information, see Running a Simulation.


(Optional) Click Save File ( ) to save your model. For more information, see Saving a File.



MapleSim permits connections between compatible domains only. For more information on MapleSim component connectors, see Connectors Overview.


The MapleSim Model Workspace is 'live'. Any components not connected to the model in the workspace will cause the simulation to fail.


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