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Comparing Models

The Compare Models tool shows the differences between two open models/libraries in MapleSim. For each model in the comparison, you can choose either the current version of the model (In Memory) or the last saved version of the model (On Disk). The comparison lets you see what parameters have been changed as well as any changes to Modelica annotations (for example, simulation settings or probes), components, attachments and connections.

To compare models:


Open the model or models.


Click Show differences between models ( ). Alternatively, press F12, or, from the Tools menu, select Compare Models.


Select the models you want to compare from the lists in the Compare Models window.

Note that if the option is not available, it may be because you need to save your model to your computer first.

The differences between the two models are shown in the Compare Models window.

Clear the Annotation, Add/Delete, Attachment, and Connection options to filter out differences you are not interested in. Details on what information is filtered with these options can be found in the Filters section of the Compare Models Tool: Details page.



A model or library must be saved to disk before it can be compared.


Differences are color coded according to the type of change: addition, deletion, or modification.


For instances where a parameter has changed, the value on the left is the setting for the first (left) item selected, and the value on the right is the setting for the second (right) item selected.


Comparing the On Disk and In Memory versions of the same model or library shows you the changes you've made since your last save.

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