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Using MapleSim Apps

MapleSim apps are pre-built tools for model building and analysis tasks.  Apps are found in the Apps Manager tab of the Analysis window.


Opening an App

MapleSim Apps

Using (and Reusing) Apps

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Opening an App

To start, you need to access the Apps Manager.

To open an app:


In MapleSim, open the model for which you want to use an app.


In the main toolbar, click Show Apps Manager ( ).  The Analysis window opens with Apps tab selected.


From the Apps palette on the left, double-click on the app you want to use. The selected app opens.

MapleSim Apps

MapleSim Apps are organized into categories.


Component Creation



1-D Motion Generation

Create motion profiles for 1-D motion that adhere to defined velocity, acceleration, and jerk constraints.

Custom Port

Create a custom port for a custom component.

DCV Builder

Create a custom hydraulic directional control valve.

External C/Library Block

Define and generate a MapleSim custom component from external C Code/DLL.

Kinematic Cam Generation

Model the kinematic behavior of cams and followers.


Linearize a MapleSim continuous subsystem.  Perform linear analysis on the linear system object, such as generating Bode plots and Root Locus plots.


Model Analysis



Equation Extraction

Retrieve equations from a linear or non-linear model.

Initialization Diagnostics

Resolve inconsistent initial conditions and errors detected during the simulation, as well as give insight into the original configuration of the system.

Modal Analysis

Visualize the vibration modes of a multibody model.

Monte Carlo Simulation

Define a random distribution for a parameter and run a simulation using this distribution.

Multibody Analysis

Retrieve multibody equations in a form that is suitable for manipulation and analysis.


Optimize and analyze the parameters of a model and view possible simulation results.

Parameter Sweep

Execute a parameter sweep.





Code Generation

Generate code from a model.

Data Generation

Define and generate a data set to be used in MapleSim, for example, a data set for an Interpolation Table component.

Excel Connectivity

Import MapleSim parameter sets from, or export parameter sets to, an Excel spreadsheet.

Random Data

Define and generate a set of random data points to be used in MapleSim, for example, a data set for an Interpolation Table component.

Note: A number of MapleSim add-on products include apps.  These will appear in the Apps palette as well.

Using (and Reusing) Apps

To use an app, simply follow the steps in the app.


Tip: Click one of the help icons ( ) within the app for help and extra information about the using app.


After you have used an app, the state of the app is found in the Apps palette under App Data.  You can right-click (Control-click, Mac) on an entry under App Data and select View, Delete, or Rename.

If you close and reopen an app, the Apps Manager remembers the previous state of the app.

The Apps Manager displays three options:


Refresh ( ): Return the app to the default settings.


Export ( ): Save the current settings for the app.  


Import ( ): Retrieve saved settings for an app.


Some apps generate code or data, which is saved in the Attached Files tab ( ) of your model.  Some apps generate custom components, which are found in the Local Components tab ( ).

For more information about the MapleSim templates and attachments, see Attaching Files to a Model in Chapter 2 and Analyzing and Manipulating a Model in Chapter 5 of the MapleSim User's Guide.

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