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Hydraulic Summary Variables

Describes the use of summary variables in the hydraulics library





Summary variables in the hydraulics library allow the user to specify the units in which the pressure across and flow through the component are reported in the summary variables result.

Unit selection

Under the Summary section in the component Properties, the drop-down menus are used to specify the units of the summary variables.




A simulation must be performed after a new set of units have been selected for the change to take effect.



The summary variables can be accessed by either attaching a probe to the component or through the Variables section in the Simulation Results manager. A Check Valve is used as an example.


Probing a component:            

Variables section in Simulation Results manager:    



A Check Valve component in a simple hydraulic system is probed and the pressure, flow rate, and summary variables are selected.


In the first simulation, the summary pressure unit is "Pa" and the summary flow rate unit is "m^3/s". The results for p and dp_summary are compared, as well as the results for q and q_summary.




The summary variables results are identical to the pressure (p) and flow rate (q) since the standard units for calculations were selected as the summary units.

Before performing a second simulation, the summary units are changed to:



Running a simulation, the pressure (p) and flow rate (q) are unchanged since they are still being reported in the standard units for calculations. The summary variables results are different than in the first simulation since different units have been selected and MapleSim performs the appropriate conversion.


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