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Machines Overview

This library contains components to model electrical machines. It assumes the following:


Phase windings and the complete machine structure are symmetrical.


Only basic harmonics in space are taken into account.


With respect to time, the waveforms of voltages and currents are not restricted.


Parameters are constant (that is, there is no saturation or skin effect).


No iron losses, eddy currents, or friction losses. Ohmic losses in stator and rotor winding are taken into account only.



Induction Machines

Models of induction machines

DC Machines

Models of DC machines


Models of losses

Machine Components

Machine components, for example, squirrel and damper cages, and air gaps


Sensors to convert voltage and current input

Space Phasor Components

Components based on space phasor theory

Stepper Machines

Models of stepper machines

Synchronous Machines

Models of synchronous induction machines


Thermal components that connect to the thermal ports of electrical machines


Models of transformers


Models of utilities

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